Accountancy Marketing Services

Rainbow management consultantsspecialize in arranging quality qualified appointments for Accountants with prospective new clients. What's more the practices we work with go to many appointments every week and sign the clients up!

At any given time, there are thousands of businesses looking to review their accountancy options or even change accountants! We search them out and give you the opportunity to meet and talk to these outstanding prospects in your area. These are prospects who through no fault of your own could sign on the dotted line for one of your competitors without knowing that you were just around the corner and willing to compete for their business.

Accountant Rainbow can provide accountants with a thriving accountant practice in a very short amount of time. Are you looking to start a new accounting firm? Accountant Rainbow is guaranteed to supply you with all of the resources you will need to do so.

Accountant Rainbow can help you find and hold on to the right clients for your accounting practice, and make it easy for you to communicate financial information. With our expert help, you can realize your goal and gain more clients than you ever thought possible.

Whether you focus on financial accounting, management accounting, tax accounting, or any other branch of accounting, Accountant Rainbow can promise you results fast. Your accounting firm will be so profitable that you will find you are earning more money, yet working less. That's the advantage Accounting Rainbow affords you over other accountant marketing companies.

Our accounting marketing experts will cut costs and improve your results. By marketing heavily to online clients with technologies like search engine optimization, Accountant Rainbow will make certain that your accounting business thrives. We will pass our years of industry experience on to you so that your accounting company can grow a large base of clients through the internet. You provide the commitment, and Accountant Rainbow will provide the rest.

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B2B Market Analysis & Research
for products, materials, equipment, intermediates and services in UK.


Detailed Industry Studies
profiles including products, supply, demand, growth trends, keys etc


Customer Satisfaction Approach
Well qualified, trained Research team, MBAs and BEs Graduates.


Overseas Market Knowledge
Do detailed study in select areas, in collaboration with Associates.

Main Services


Marketing Services

Our market research services are focused on IT, software, computer hardware, communications technology and high technology services and solutions. We also specialize in research for launching new applications.

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Accountancy Marketing Services

Accountant Rainbow can provide accountants with a thriving practice in a very short time. Are you looking to start a new accounting firm? Accountant Rainbow is guaranteed to supply with all of the resources you will need.

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Business Plan

As a business owner you are most likely very very good at what you do. However, many small business owners find that they are not very very good at the day-to-day operations of running the business & needs improvment for the same.

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We have successfully completed over 500 assignments in diverse fields such as aluminium & downstream products, automobiles, building materials and products, chemicals and other service industries.

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